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Join us at the Downtown Y for Aquatic Group Ex classes!

Enjoy reaching your fitness goals in one of our heated pools!

  • Aqua Dance- Take off your dancing shoes, you're in the pool! Aqua Dance is a high-energy, low-impact workout in the pool that incorporates easy-to-follow dance moves.
  • Aqua Tabata- A high-intensity, interval exercise program designed in intervals of 20 seconds of high-intensity aerobic exercise followed by 10-second rest intervals.
  • Arthritic Aquatfit- This moderate water exercise program is designed specifically for arthritis sufferers in a heated pool. Participants work on a range of motion, muscle strengthening, and endurance-building exercises.
  • Forever Fit- A moderate water exercise program for seniors. Designed to increase muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming ability is not required.
  • Water Aerobics-This high intensity, low-impact aerobics class provides a cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels.
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