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Pajama Drive

Every child has the right to a good night. Yet, thousands of children across the United States will go to sleep tonight and their bedtime will be missing something. They may be feeling alone and afraid, in a bed that isn’t theirs, in a shelter that isn’t a home or with families who wish they could give them more.

These children have one thing in common: Their 24-Hour Good Day Loop is incomplete.

With Pajama Program, we know that this doesn’t have to be their story. We know that we can do something that not only validates their worth and shows them love, but that also transforms their nights and their days. By offering the magical gifts of pajamas and books, we bring a caring bedtime ritual into their lives. Changing out of their clothes and intowarm, cozy pajamas lets them shed the stresses of their day, trading them for feelings of warmth and hope. With enchanting stories, their imaginations are opened, helping them to dream again. These unconditional gifts fill them with love and a feeling of being cared for, transitioning them to bedtime and delivering a good night — preparing them for a good day that leads to a better life

Scholastic will match every pair of donated pajamas with a book! ALL pajama stay local and provide children in need with a cozy pair of pajamas and comforting story for bedtime. 

The Character Counts Preschool program (located at the Fairgrounds YMCA) would like your help to reach their goal of 60 pairs of pajamas for children in need!!!

The Pajama Drive will begin: November 12th and through December 12th 
Please drop off your donation during preschool hours or at the SACC Office. 

Here's what we need:

  • Brand-new pajamas in all sizes, from newborn to adult.
  • Pajamas must be complete sets—a top and bottom or an appropriate nightgown.
  • Pajamas for all seasons, but especially for the winter months.

Thank you for helping the YMCA provide sweet dreams for others!