This 12-Week exercise and group support program focuses on improving the survivor's strength, fitness, and quality of life. In addition to physical benefits, the program also focuses on the emotional well-being of survivors and their families. This program provides a supportive community where people impacted by cancer can connect during treatment and beyond.



  • FREE Membership to the YMCA. Two 75 minute classes each week.

  • Full access to the YMCA facility 7 days a week.

  • Free child-watch service (during available hours)

  • Supportive Staff that is here to guide and assist you.

  • A chance to connect and share your experience with others.



  • Improve energy.

  • Build muscle mass and strength.

  • Increase flexibility and endurance.

  • Improve functional ability to do everyday tasks.

  • Reduce the severity of therapy side effects and prevent weight gain.

  • Develop an ongoing physical fitness program that can be continued long term.

  • Learning to live a healthy lifestyle not only as part of recovery but as a way of life.



This program is open to any adult currently going through or has gone through some form of cancer treatment (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.) in the past that wants to regain their health and well-being.

  • Strong personal desire(participants must enroll themselves)

  • Personally commit to attending all classes.

  • Inform your physician that you plan to join this program

  • All participants must complete our screening form and answer a health questionnaire.

  • Give permission for the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Project Manager to contact your healthcare provider if necessary.