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5-12 Years


The focus of the Youth Basketball Clinic is the development of the participants technical abilities through shooting, passing, dribbling, and one on one play. The session will focus on technical training and finish with games to implement these techniques while also having fun playing the game of basketball!
• Dribbling
• Passing
• Shooting
• One on One Play
• Teamwork
• Rebounding
• Defense
• Rules
• Strategy
• Conditioning & Strength


Session 1 Dates and Times:
July 18th-22nd
Monday - Friday
1:00 - 3:00 PM

Session 2 Dates and Times:
August 8th-12th
Monday - Friday
1:00 - 3:00 PM

Required Equipment:
Athletic Clothing
Water Bottle
Basketball Provided

First-time participants for a sport should aim to take in a YMCA Camp offering first. The goal for Sports Camps at the Y is to provide a safe, fun, encouraging environment to children taking in a sport for their first time, as well as those who just have a genuine interest in having fun while playing a sport. The level of guidance taught during a camp is instructional, engaging, and often handled by YMCA counselor staff. The three hour time slots that we place camp in will hold multiple breaks and a snack to keep the children energized throughout the daily sessions.

Advanced and experienced participants for a sport are encouraged to sign up for a YMCA Clinic. The goal for clinics is to provide a safe, and encouraging atmosphere where improvement throughout the program is the goal. Fun will be had but ultimately the idea is that a child will come away from the camp with more skills than they had on day one. Often the instructors for clinics will be more advanced coaches and can even be highly sought-after local specialists. The two hour blocks that we work with for camps are often worked straight through as to accomplish everything we aim to