Q: How much do you need to raise?
A: The Community Phase goal is $400,000. The total cost of $27.5 million includes the total planning, design, and construction.  We continue to seek major gifts and grants toward the total cost beyond the community fundraising.

Q: How much money have you already raised?
A: $20 million total through grants and corporate and private donations.

Q: Is there a match?
A: Donations made in the community phase are being matched 1 to 1 up to $200,000 with support from the Northern New York Community Foundation and the Stewart's Foundation.

Q: Do pledges or multi-year pledges count toward the match?
A: Yes, multi-year pledges will count toward the goal. 

Q: Will my gift be recognized in a public way in the new Y?
A: Yes all donors will be recognized at the new Y unless you specify you want to remain anonymous. If you want to remain anonymous, you can note that on the donation card or online if making your donation through our website.

Q: When will the new building open?
A: The new Y is projected to open in December 2023.

Q: How big will the new Y be in comparison to the current Y?
A: Our current Downtown facility is approximately 30,000 square feet. Our new Y is designed to be 78,000 square feet of program space - and much more efficiently laid out! And also reserves us 11,000 square feet for future growth.

Q: Will membership dues increase?
A: Y leaders regularly evaluate fees in order to ensure affordability, while also stewarding the Y’s resources in a way that ensures sustained ability to serve our community.  These dual areas of focus are will be utilized as the rates for the future Y are established. Membership or program fees only increase with increases to staffing costs, utilities, etc.  As always, our Y Gateway Financial Assistance program is here to ensure that everyone has access despite financial barriers.

Q: Will the new Y offer childcare?
A: We will provide secure dedicated staffed child watch space for children six weeks to six years and kids adventure space for children seven to twelve.   We also will host a portion of our summer camps and after-school care in the new Y.  We will continue to offer and expand our programming for kids throughout Jefferson County utilizing schools and other sites where programming is most accessible to families.

Q: Will there be more parking?
A: Yes!! Our patrons will have access to 300+ parking spaces at the new Y compared to our current 12YMCA-owned parking spots. 

Q: Will we have a steam room?
A: The new Y will offer both a steam room and a sauna that will serve all members.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?
A: Please email marketing@nnyymca.org or call one of our member service desks to relay your question and leave your contact info.