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This October, the Watertown Family YMCA is proud to support 
Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Who is at risk?
Breast cancer risks are not the same for everyone, but breast cancer remains the second most common cancer  behind skin cancer in American women. Most women have around a 13% risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime, which is about a 1 in 8 chance. These statistics, however, do not reflect a woman's personal risk of developing breast cancer. Personal risks include genetics, lifestyle choices, and more.

Can I lower my risk for developing breast cancer?

While it isn't possible to prevent breast cancer, there are a few ways that individuals can lower their risk. Not smoking, eating a nutritious diet, limiting alcohol consumption, regular exercise.

Stay tuned for resources and information surrounding breast cancer and women's health.

What is Breast Cancer?

How Does Breast Cancer Start?

How Common is Breast Cancer?

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